Blogs and media

I comment on German and European politics. My comments have appeared, among others, on Deutsche Welle, BBC online, Euronews, CTV News, The Sidney Morning Herald, Slovak Pravda, and Folha de S. Paulo.

Below, you find the links to some of the respective articles and comments.


(selected appearances in English-speaking outlets only)

Interview on the selection of the CDU/CSU’s chancelor candidate, 2021, Euronews, 0’51–1’16.

Interview on Germany’s state elections in Baden Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, 2021, Euronews.

Interview on protests against Merkel’s COVID 19 response, 2020, The World, 3’30-4’30.

Cited in “Merkel’s CDU and far-right AfD may be nearing cooperation”, 2019, Deutsche Welle (on what the rise of the far-right AfD may mean for coalition formation in Germany).

Cited in “Will giving a time limit to her premiership help or hinder the PM?”, 2018, BBC News online (on Theresa May’s pledge to step down as leader of the Conservative Party).

Cited in “Alarm bells for Merkel as Bavarian allies face election slump”, 2018, Reuters (on the Bavarian Land election and the prospects of the CSU).

Cited in “Is AKK Germany’s next leader, or is she too much of a ‘mini-Merkel’?”, 2017, The Sidney Morning Herald (on potential successors to Angela Merkel as German chancellor).

Interview with CTV News on the 2017 German election.


Germany’s Christian Democrats: What (Not) to Expect from Friedrich Merz’s Leadership, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies.

When attempts to change institutions fail: The case of the Affordable Care Act (with Sukriti Issar), OxPo.

The Post-Merkel CDU: Five “C”s why Germany’s Christian Democrats are in better shape than we might think, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies.

Will competition over Merkel’s succession divide or revive her party?,  The Globe Post.

A gradual farewell? There will be no three-year transition period in Germany, OxPol.

Quo vadis, CDU? A self-inflicted defeat as chance, Aus der Wissenschaft fur die Politics.

Less than 50 days before the UK parliamentary election, Aus der Wissenschaft fur die Politics.

The emergence of Germany’s new right wing, OxPol.